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It's so nice to meet you!  I am a home-based, self-taught cookie artist originally from Southern California and am so happy to now be a part of this wonderful community in Colorado Springs.  I look forward to being part of your events and can't wait to create edible art for your special occasions!


Although my baking journey started at a young age, my interest in cookie art developed shortly after COVID-19 when having too much time at home lead to an almost unhealthy obsession with cookies.  After 15 years working as a financial controller, I woke up and decided one day that I just didn't want to do accounting work anymore.  Even after I started my own accounting firm and successfully ran the business for a number of years, I never felt fulfilled by it nor was I excited in any way shape, or form to spend my days crunching numbers.  Although it was a reputable and stable profession, it was boring work that was dry and seemingly unfitting for me as a creative artist.  With life proving to be too short, I sold my accounting firm and assigned myself a new job decorating cookies as the head cookie boss of my own kitchen.  With nothing standing in my way, the transition was as simple as that, and thus became the birth of my new love, Craft and Crumbles. 


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S7 E4

Watch the episode on Food Network or stream on DiscoveryPlus or Max!

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